Soaring above Stormhouse…

The white-tailed eagle, or sea eagle, is an international conservation success story. After becoming extinct from Scotland in the early 1900’s, several young eagles were brought over to the Isle of Rum from Norway as part of a reintroduction programme in the 1970’s.

There now exists around 150 breeding pairs in Scotland, and as they favour sheltered lochs or sea lochs, Appin and indeed the west coast is an ideal habitat and the perfect place to spot them. You often see them soaring high above Stormhouse and Castle Stalker. They are the UK’S largest bird of prey, with wingspans up to 240cm in length.

White-tailed eagles can live for up to 20 years and they breed for life. Their territories can extend up to 70 square kilometres, and once established will be used by successive generations for years to come.

Their existence is controversial, and the RSPB have come to loggerheads on more than one occasion with farmers who struggle to protect their livestock, lambs in particular. The conversation continues. In the meantime, keep an eye on the sky and enjoy the spectacle of these majestic birds.


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